Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation or RPA is a type of business process automation technology that allows you to deploy software robots to undertake human processes.


Automate SalesForce and SAP test

Our automation software modules are custom-made for all types of hybrid clouds that help businesses grow and achieve high ROI from employees. Triviti's revolutionary RPA service allows you to master and complete intricate end-to-end tests across business-centric cloud systems like SalesForce to create dynamic content.

Keep SAP modules healthy and performance-oriented at all times with our RPA featuring open-source API integrations and parallel test execution. Our system helps overcome all challenges during testing. Additionally, experience smooth navigation through most multi-cloud platforms.

RPA in Fintech

Adoption of rule-driven RPA in Fintech automates and simplifies routine financial procedures like customer service, verification, data collection, invoice creation, balance sheet maintenance, etc., to improve productivity. Our cross-application-backed service attracts investments by upending the traditional financial model: improves accounting processes, reduces service fees, and gives real-time access to respective portfolios.