Triviti - DevOps Secure Automation Services

Our DevOps Secure Automation or the DevOps Automation is the development process, added with Security. It is a critical part of planning, development, and deployment, which required an enterprise DevOps strategy. Our enterprise DevOps strategy as a service involves seamless optimisation to avoid issues like deploying tests in a production environment. Each stage of the DevOps process is well-optimised and operates seamlessly to achieve an efficient and cost-saving DevOps strategy.


Our Agile DevSecOps Approach

Triviti offers DevSecOps as a Service that enables agile development teams to focus on their core strengths by delivering a customized environment. We offer capabilities for enterprises to develop, build, test and deploy software across a variety of environments including cloud (AWS and Microsoft Azure) and on-premise.

Reduce your time to market, automate a multitude of tasks taking up valuable time, and benefit from a single-minded focus on the needs of your business. Our expertise comes equipped with a full spectrum of DevSecOps services and can be customized precisely and provide Stable and reliable operating environments